June 29, 2021
Farewell dinner for Marc and Nitin
We met at Tatami and continued to Cantina Sociale for wine (23 June 2021). Left to right: Marc Vinyals, Gilad Chase, Neta Dafni, Idan Mehalel, Yuval Filmus, Gal Yehuda, Nitin Saurabh.
June 29, 2021
Trip to Sde Boker
A short hike from Sde Boker to Avdat via Ein Akev (30 March 2021). Participants: Yuval Filmus, Yannic Maus, Nitin Saurabh, Marc Vinyals. Nitin and Marc climbing from Upper Ein Akev to Avdat plateau. Yannic, Nitin and Marc on the way to Avdat.
October 13, 2020
Farewell trip for Michal Dory and Yuval Efron
Michal Dory and Yuval Efron are graduating, and to celebrate the event, Keren and her group went on a water-themed hike on August 2020, braving the summer heat. Left to right: Shahar Romem Peled, Michal Dory, Noa Marelly Left to right: Yannic Maus, Yuval Efron, Tigran Tonoyan
November 30, 2019
Welcome dinner for postdocs
The new academic year brought with it many new postdocs. Exciting times! We met at Vivino to celebrate the occasion with food and wine.